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又是一个周末快到凌晨了 赶紧叫上朋友出门吃了个武汉特色的大排档 完事儿了就去老地方做了个桑拿洗浴按摩全套放松一下 武汉的夜生活又是这样过去了 赶紧回家学习去!



A few days ago, my friend borrowed a series of Ghost Millet books that I just read recently. I have such a group of friends, usually not much contact, but as long as one speaks, but always find motivation and energy in each other, better busy with their own affairs.


We no longer gather together to talk and drink like we did when we were young, but now it seems that everyone has a shadow called "maturity", and in the baptism of time, we have become a quiet little adult.


The high school male classmate said this sentence at the party: I really don't understand, like a girl, why should I let myself live so tired, what is the picture?


Now I remember my friend's answer, she said:


Because I want me and my family to live a better life because of me.


Female students agreed with each other and applause rang out.


Previous women, in their first to twenties, wanted to "marry well", find a marriage partner, and find their missing sense of security in the other half.


Now, all people are pursuing the emotional concept of "bread I have, you give me love" and economic independence can only be personality independence. As for beauty, it is not only to please others, but also to be yourself.


No matter what stage we are born to be women, we are first ourselves, then any role, or students, or wives, or mothers...


Whatever you are now, always understand that beauty is capital, independence is strength, and long-term learning is your constant core competitiveness.



On Reading


Today, I don't want to talk about my experience, because when I decided to change, there was always an example in my heart. Her progress and hard work deeply infected me and urged me to approach her slowly.


I want to share her with you, hoping to bring you strength and ideological awareness.


We are all born in an ordinary family, but we are reluctant to live a comfortable life. I often call her "never give up" Miss. All the hardships she has gone through have never retreated a step, clenched her teeth and supported her.


She has read a lot of books in university, such as business, interpersonal, financial, psychological and other different types of books. Now, four years after graduation, she still keeps the habit of reading. In this restless era, I appreciate those who can quietly do something by themselves. They have no misconceptions and are calm as water.


She has worked for two years. Besides her abilities, she also handles interpersonal relationships very well. It is unavoidable that places dealing with people will have conflicts and disputes because of the relationship between interests or resources. How to transform and solve them is a skill that a wise person must master.


And she has.


I asked her if you had ever been unhappy at work.


She said that there are countless unhappy people everywhere without strength. It's OK to read more books. Your culture and connotation are hidden in every detail of your life. Only if you live well, everything in your life will gradually improve.


"Don't give up" Miss is always very hard, in the process of carrying a lot of luck, the way is particularly smooth, colleagues are harmonious, companion with loved ones, appreciated by the leadership.


A few years ago, one of her favorite books was Moon and Sixpence. On the first page of the book, she wrote the following sentence:


When I've saved enough sixpence, I'll look for the moon.



About making money


"Don't give up" Miss has learned a lot of experience in the process of work. For her, reading is theory and work is practice. Both of them are indispensable. Only by using them reasonably can she exert her greatest potential.


In 2018, she resigned and quit her stable job in the eyes of her parents. This was not what she wanted. She actually knew what kind of life she wanted in her heart. So she went south and started a journey from media to start her own business.


She said in the video that there must always be a body and a soul on the road.


Friends and relatives around her can not understand that the way to go after the age of 25 is to find the right person to marry and have a stable life; but she does not want to go against her heart, and devote herself to the rest of her life.


Everyone is different. People's vision and pattern make people think differently. There is no right or wrong. As long as they don't regret, they can live their lives in the way they like.


She spent two years outside, running all over the country, recording the memories of every city. After a certain amount of broadcasting, it attracted the first batch of partners, and then found investors, doing more and more scale.


She earned her first money, part of it on her way to study. I enrolled in many courses, bought some books, and constantly improved my self-cultivation and temperament.


Liang Wendao once said, "It is very important for a woman to have the ability to live a good life herself and to have something that others can't take away.


"Do not give up" Miss very much agree with this view, economic independence is capital, is the bottom line, while young, to learn to be a pattern, insightful girl, only nothing to care about, can accommodate all the time, you will find that life is not as cruel as imagined.


When the grass blows down, the tree can be as stable as Mount Tai even if it encounters heavy storms and rains.


People with strong hearts have the ability to be financially independent, which brings her self-confidence, beauty, dignity and the value of survival.


Only by living hard can we have more choices.



On Beauty


Self-discipline, freedom.


This is what I learned from Miss "Don't give up". She is extremely strict with herself. Before we can live, we must first have a good body.


At six o'clock in the morning, she often goes downstairs to run, and for special reasons, she falls every day.


When eating, it is the greatest responsibility for oneself to eat on time, not to eat more, not to overeat and eat well.


Washing in the evening, pay great attention to skin care, the doctor said that eating sweets is not good for the skin often acne, so he gave up sweets and dairy products; and rarely stayed up late, gradually moving the things needed to be done to get up early.


It's a process of self-control, no supervision, no arrangement, no management, only you can see all your perseverance and patience.


Wait until you get better and meet a better person. And she met that person during her trip across the country. She has three identical views and respects and understands each other. I wish her happiness.


Why not? A smart girl should be like this. When she is still a person, she should read more books, experience more, improve herself, enjoy the time of solitude as much as possible, and leave the best of herself to the right person.


You haven't improved, he hasn't appeared, but one day, when you live like you can't let go, you suddenly find that he is standing in the same place, waiting for you for a long time...


An Ordinary Girl's Adverse Attack: Reading, Making Money, Beautifying